Power Jack 3000Lbs, Black

Turf Toe, Tennis Elbow, Manual Jack Shoulder, all serious injuries that tell you exactly how you got them right in the name. Most RVers are not running and stopping on artificial turf, or playing tennis at a level that might result in repetitive injury, but if you own a travel trailer, and do not have an electric tongue jack, Manual Jack Shoulder may be more than an injury, it could become a chronic illness. If you have Manual Jack Shoulder it is not terminal, it is curable with any number of over the counter power tongue jacks. You don’t need to see a doctor, you don’t even need to see a service center. Replacement of the manual jack is simple. It is accomplished by supporting the tongue, removing the three bolts that attach it to the trailer a-frame, and replacing it with a power jack. The power jack bolts to the same hole pattern, often using the same hardware, and power is supplied by attaching the fused 12v lead to the positive terminal on the RV’s battery. With the new electric tongue jack raising and lowering is now done with the push of a button.
All power jacks feature the ability to be operated manually, so if the battery dies or you need a good rotator cuff work out you are not out of luck.

Atwood has made high quality power tongue jacks for many years. The Premier Performance Power Jacks offer a powerful 12v motor, built in led lights, and a manual override. The Premier series comes in black or white and a 3k or a 4k capacity. It fits 2-1/4” mounting holes, has a bubble level, and features the Robofoot. Both capacities have a 5year warranty.

UPC 692931810676