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Power Jack 3000Lbs, Black

Premier Power 3k Atwood (click Jack more) Black for Performance  Power Jack 3000Lbs, Black for

Turf Toe, Tennis Elbow, Manual Jack Shoulder, all serious injuries that tell you exactly how you got them right in the name. Most RVers are not running and stopping on artificial turf, or playing tennis at a level that might result in repetitive injury, but if you own a travel trailer, and do not have an electric tongue jack, Manual Jack Shoulder may be more than an injury, it could become a chronic illness. If you have Manual Jack Shoulder it is not terminal, it is curable with any number of over the counter power tongue jacks.

Lp Alarm Surface

Black for 12volt more) LP Detector Atwood Gas (click  Lp Alarm Surface for

Propane is an important component in the operation of any RV. Propane or LPG, liquid petroleum gas, is an easily compressed flammable gas and is used in virtually all RV appliances when heat is required for that appliance's operation. Being flammable propane does pose some safety issues which is why all RVs built in the last 20 years are required to have a propane detector. In the event of a propane leak the detector will begin to beep to alert you to possible danger.

Camper Leveler

MFG Leveler more) Camper Andersen (click for  Camper Leveler for
MFG Andersen more) for (click Camper Leveler  Camper Leveler for

Keeping your RV level when you are parked not only improves your comfort level, it is critical to the operation of any absorption refrigerator. The chemical process of the refrigerator can be compromised if it is run off level, shortening the units overall life span.

20K Isr Superlite Hitch

for more) Series Fifth ISR PullRite 20k Hitch SuperLite (click Wheel  20K Isr Superlite Hitch for

Change is inevitable. Sometimes that change can be slow, sometimes it turns the world upside down. PullRite has taken a fifth wheel hitch and a gooseneck hitch, combined their key features, and turned towing upside down. A gooseneck hitch is a ball and socket type connection with the ball mounted in the bed of the truck without rails to interfere with cargo transport. This makes a secure attachment but with the connection point on the bed floor it can be hard to see when you are aligned properly without getting out of your vehicle.