Nozzle Windshield Squirter

A clean windshield not only looks good from both sides it's safer. The windshield washer nozzle sprays cleaner onto the windshield but can often become damaged in snowy, icy, or dusty conditions. It attaches to the windshield wiper with a single screw and is very easy to attach.

Price: $11.40
Blade Refill Only Windshield Wiper

Wipe on wipe off. Wipe on wipe off. Wipe on wipe off. If your wipers are wiping on as much as they are wiping off, then its time to change your blades. Wipers that no longer perform as expected, or no longer provide a high level of safety, should be changed. Over time, a rubber wiper blade naturally dries out due to the aging effects of UV rays and heat. Dust, sand, and other contaminants can also damage the rubber wiping edge. As the rubber dries and ages, the blade stiffens, and can crack or separate. An aged wiper blade will chatter, smear, streak, or skip across the windshield.

Price: $19.28
Reservoir Windshield Washer Container

Washer reservoirs will wear out over time, as harsh weather conditions often cause them to crack.

Price: $25.10
Off White Quad

OSI QUAD is an advanced VOC formula window, door and siding sealant designed for superior performance on exterior window, door, siding and trim applications. OSI QUAD VOC can be applied to wet or dry surfaces, even at freezing temperatures. And unlike other sealants, QUAD VOC resists dirt and dust collection, yellowing and water washout. QUAD VOC is self tooling and once cured, it is paintable. OSI color specialists work closely with leading window, door, siding and trim manufacturers to ensure perfect color matches.

Price: $18.44
Lens Clear Interior

This clear lens can be installed on interior light fixtures in Jayco RVs. The lens attaches to the light fixture, protecting the light bulb. It reduces glare and diffuses the light to create a soft glow.

Price: $4.76
Ladder End Cap Kemberly
Price: $6.22
Switch Step Door Jam

Plunger switches are used in multiple applications, but the most familiar would be in your household and RV refrigerators. You open the door and the light comes on, you close the door and the light goes off thanks to the plunger switch that controls power to the light. This chrome switch was used by Winnebago for compartment, entry, and cab doors on many different years and models. It can also be found as a step switch in many RVs.

Price: $13.90
Skylight Dome Fleetwood

Skylight Dome Fleetwood

Price: $207.96

Seal for your slide-out to keep it from being damaged by weather and from water leaking into harmful areas. Slide-Out seal with a flap and gripper.
Sells by the foot.

Price: $5.92
Trim W/o Leg Pw

Trim or weatherstrip for your RV that does not have a leg. The leg being the corner or end piece. Sold per Foot.

Price: $0.88