Magnatek Lower Half 7345R Converter

Ever had someone in your life want to go by a new nickname, or their middle name, but you met them as Joe and no matter how hard you tried to call them by the new name they were always Joe to you? Well the Parallax Power Supply lower section replacement unit will always be a Magnetek lower half to me. For many years Magnetek converters were the most common converter used in all classes of RVs and replacement was simple.

Price: $251.10
Resistor Heater Blower Motor

Resistance is futile! Well except when the blower motor in your vehicles HVAC system is in the high setting, then the resistance is easily overcome. Why? Because that is how a blower motor resistor works. A resistor is basically a set of coiled wires across which voltage is passed with each set of coils responsible for one speed setting.

Price: $56.96
Powergear Slide Room Controller 140-1130

A relay race is run by multiple participants who pass a baton from beginning to end. Powergear calls this slide room control circuit board a control relay board because it is one of the participating components that extend and retract your slide rooms. Power from the RVs batteries is supplied to the switch, the switch passes power to the relay board, the relay board sends power to the motor, and the motor extends or retracts the slide room.

Price: $70.35
Esco Power 50 Transfer Switch Es50M-65N

The transfer of political power can be complicated, and sometimes results in discord. The transfer of electrical power is made seamless by the 50A ESCO TRANSFER SWITCH ES50M-65N. An electrical transfer switch is used to automatically switch from one power source to another. In most RV applications that means switching from shoreline to generator power. The ES50M-65N transfer switch is primarily designed for installation in conjunction with a generator having a rated output no larger than 12 Kilo Watts.

Price: $258.32
Revolution Auto Demand Pu

The amenities of home sometimes get taken for granted on the road. Turn on the faucet and the water flows. If your not hooked up to city water then that water flow is produced by your water pump, and more than likely it's a ShurFlo 12 volt on demand water pump. The Revolution water pump from Shurflo is the standard RV water pump used by various manufacturers for over 30 years. Basic 1/2 mpt connectors are easily adaptable to multiple types of connectors. This pump is designed to deliver 3 gallons per minute of fresh water and is remarkably quiet during operation.

Price: $103.39
Latch Converter Door

Where is my converter? RV manufacturers generally put the converter/power distribution center in an out of the way spot making it hard to find sometimes. If the door won't stay shut I bet you know exactly where the converter is and it's on your list of small stuff that drives you nuts. This EA122-02 WF-87/8900-DLB door latch replaces missing or broken latches on the door to your RV’s WFCO WF8700/WF8900 series power distribution center/converter.

Price: $8.10
Door Converter Wfco Black

What's behind door number one? In this case it's the power distribution center for your rv's converter/charger. The 110volt breakers and 12volt fuses are not very attractive so WFCO utilizes a hinged door to "beautify" the converter. This WF-8910PEC-DOB black converter door by WFCO can replace missing or worn doors on your RV’s power or distribution center, where the converter is housed.

Price: $12.16
Drop-In 2 Burner Black

Now we're cooking with gas. The Atwood line of propane cooktops and ranges brings the cooking versatility of gas appliances to the RV industry, and has for over 30 years. With a larger 7200 btu burner and a smaller 5200 btu burner this 07-0258 56493 provides a home cooking experience on the road. Most commonly found in tent trailers, truck campers, or the outside kitchens of larger RVs.

Atwood Drop In Cooktop; Black; 17 Inch Width; One 7200 BTU Burner and One 5200 BTU Burner; 2 Burner; With Removable Grates
Lightest On The Market!

Price: $117.78
45 Amp Converter W/ Chg W

Is it a converter or an inverter? The component names are similar and that is where the confusion begins. Both deal with converting voltage, but in opposite directions, causing even more confusion. An inverter takes incoming 12v and “converts” it to 110v. A converter takes incoming 110v and “converts” it to 12v. A converter feeds the 12v distribution panel and also provides a trickle charge to the house battery/s.

RV battery charger and converter. 9200 Series. (45 AMP)

Price: $272.09
Cargo Heater

A wall mounted heater that can become very useful in the winter or a colder climate. Model 3000RV, Voltage 12v DC, Current 25AMP, Wattage 300W

Price: $229.50